Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Once a lady walked the heath
The fallen dead to find
And as the mists curled round
She sang a lullaby

The dead, they heard
That beauteous song
And gathered all around
And as she sang
The dead came out
Entranced by the sound

The more she sang
The more the mist
It grew all around
The more she sang
The colder it got
Frost forming on the ground

The dead they liked her oh so much
Decided then and there
That they would steal her clean away
From this middle earth

Now the lady is with the dead
Singing her lullaby
Trapped deep in a mound
Forced to sing
That cursed lullaby.

Let this be a lesson for all you here
Be careful what you sing
For even a children's lullaby
Can be a harmful thing.

Cat Houghton, April 22nd 2008

This was something that sort of came to me this morning before class....maybe my subconscious telling me not to make anything I write too good? *snigger*

I even got a tune with it but luckily no reality/dead calling effects that I can ascertain as of yet.

P.S This is not my Vardlokur chant....


Josh said...

whoa..... talk about spine tingling scary.

I love you..... but that poem is creepy as hel.

Suzi said...

I really, really like that - it reminded me somewhat forcibly of when we did that sitting up at Welands Smithy........

Elswyth said...

LOL oh the memories....

Thank you both for the kind comments :D

herneoakshield said...

Ooh I really like this, found it very evocative. Hope you don't mind me checking your blog out by the way.

Elswyth said...

Not at all mate, I wouldn't have the link in my sig if I minded :D

herneoakshield said...

Thanks :) I've just posted a new entry on mine if you wish to read it, or there is my LJ you can find at http://t-hermit.livejournal.com/profile though I think I am going to make this one my "craft" journal.