Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Freyja Call/Poem/Thing

Freyja is joy
Freyja is life
Freyja is the hope that shines in the dark

Freyja is sadness
Freyja is pain
Freyja is lost love once more regained

Freyja is magic
Worked on dark nights
Freyja is the key to secrets that hide

Freyja is freedom
Freyja is peace
Freyja is peace found in release

Freyja is green
New life on the trees
Freyja is the sap
That rises within

Freyja is death
Life stolen by cord
Bodies sunk with birch
In cold northern bog

Freyja is ancient
Much older than we know
A Goddess without boundaries
Slandered by lore

Freyja is much more
Than any of us think
Great shining Goddess
She is in everything

Hail to thee Freyja!
Blessed Vanadis!

Hammer Campaign and Freyja

The hammer campaign is going well, the facebook group now has 100 members only about 3 days after setting up. Many thanks to all of you that have supported the campaign.

A new website/blog is on the way from Judy Floyd of the AFA for the Hammer campaign and will be under


At the moment there isn't much really there but hopefully that will change soon.

Yesterday Josh and I finished the feedback to Diana Paxson for the military heathen handbook she's writing (finally...lol after like 4 weeks). It's really good. I'm very impressed at the level of improvement between the first draft and the revision. Diana has listened to us about everything because she recognises that she doesn't really know much about the army (well she knows a lot more now because she's been learning). I'm seriously impressed.

She's also asked if we have any articles or writings about the more 'niche' topics in Asatru, like army wives or how it is for soldiers being away from their families and so last night I sent her a piece I wrote for submission to Idunna (the magazine of The Troth) entitled 'Keeping The Homefires Burning:War and Asatru from the point of view of one of those left behind'. I also sent her one of the segments of the booklet that I'm writing that's going to be called something like 'Listening to the Asynjur: Lessons for the army wife'...or something like that...

The segment I sent was about Freyja and that leads me to my next segment.

Before I went to America, Freyja had been making herself felt more and more in my life after a while away. In America, her presence was also felt, when Josh and I went for our wedding band tattoos, the man that did it was a Freyjasman through and through. His whole tattooing room was dedicated to Freyja. Freyja was the first of the Heathen deities that I started to work with when I was about 14/15 and her influence was felt through most of my teen years when I spent lots of time doing Witchcraft, hexing school bullies, travelling and learning other bodily pleasures tongue.gif

At some point during university though, she was gone for a while, well not so much gone but not so immediate as she had been. Well she's back and back with a vengeance! Before I went to America, she turned up and now she has a full on altar only to her in my room. Something has changed, I get her better than ever now and it feels...liberating. It feels like I'm on the verge of some big discovery about her true nature and origin and I'm only going to say one word about that ...Skjalf wink.gif

Well Skjalf isn't the origin but she is the clue.

Probably no surprise that the joiking has been happening more and more really.

Of course this is all UPG but you know how certain things seem to click together when you go through these phases? Well they are clicking.

Well things are clicking and I'm feeling that 'pull' again to go on otherworldly adventures, something that I haven't done since J went to Iraq.

I'm also feeling pulled to dance again (which I haven't done for so long and was one of the things I did in honour of Freyja). I just wish there was a class round here.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today has been one of content. I have enjoyed the spring equinox immensely.

It's also been a day of reflection and thinking about you know...well...stuff.

This morning I got up early and went into town to pick up some food for a picnic because at some point this morning while lying in bed and considering what to do today, I'd decided to take a picnic in the little pine wood by the lake on post. I'd already marked winter there and so it just kind of made sense to me. So I went into town and bought food, went to the Asian supermarket and shocked them with finding my way round without help (and being able to read the labels), picked up some sandwich stuff and grabbed a coffee to go from the bakery before heading back.

Traditional offerings for me tend to be bread rolls and local beer and it always seems to go down well. I'd decided to write down some wishes on a piece of paper in German and in runes and had figured out how to say what I wanted to to the wights of the place. I found pretty early on that there is generally nothing if you speak English but if you speak German, then the fun begins ;)

Getting to the lake it was stunning, that lovely spring smell in the air, sunshine and new growth on the trees. I made my way to my place - a little place where a sapling grows that just kind of called me over when I first went there. Sitting there, surrounded by trees I started talking to the land wights in German. I told them who I was and asked once again that they accept me and my family here, I asked them to look upon my family with kindness and told them that I had offerings for them. Then I made my offerings, sliding my wishes into a bread roll, seeds for new plans and beer. With every toast I made, it seemed as though I was being listened to and that's when I heard it. The rhythm of the place. I know that sounds kind of weird but for me, if a place accepts me, I hear the rhythm of that place and it's then like a key to me. A way of talking to the place and getting the beings there to hear me. So I chanted the rhythm in a half joik style that seems to be becoming more common with me and everything in the woods just stopped and suddenly it was as though the sun was shining down just on me and all the trees were surrounded by this golden glow. The chant was a hard one to do, but like Germany itself, it was very very satisfying. Unsure of what I wanted to do next and wishing I had a blanket so I could stay longer and follow whatever it was that was pulling at me, I stopped.

I really could have laughed at that point because that was when I realised that Germany is absolutely my home now and how far I've come in the past nine months since I moved here. I have been to hell and back. I have hurt so much in the past year and feared so much and been so angry.

As grim as things were then though, I worked my arse off and improved my situation and finally met friends. As hard as it was to do it alone, I made this place my home. I now have a place that I'm fixing up for J and myself when he gets back, work is ok, I have a damn good group of friends, people are finally hearing us about military Heathens and to a large extent, today sitting in that woodland I feel like I have made peace with everything. I feel proud of how far I've come and what I've survived and now I only feel excitement for my husband's return, the summer and trying for babies in Autumn.

When I came back, I did a huge spring clean and that also felt good. Very very cathartic :D