Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Part Two

This is going to be another crazy UPG-filled post.

So I feel pretty emotional right now, I know that's not a typical thing for me to say but there it is. I just got the tattoo in honour of Holle-Frija finished and for want of better words, it feels like an initiation has occurred, that it's more or less complete and that I only have to celebrate this change and start living anew now.

This whole month has felt 'initiatory' in nature and a lot of stuff has been tied up, I've been 'pulled' back to where I am supposed to be and new things have started.

Since getting the first part of the tattoo done, I've completed and submitted my paper on Holle's origins to Odroerir (which I oathed to do both to Frija and my community) and I've started my book on Seidr - in fact, I'm a sixth of the way through it now. I've come more back to the 'middle' of things, back to my roots and I'm no longer ashamed or embarrassed by the weird side of my practice. I am a woman that grew up on boggy moors, that has drummed and chanted and sung under moon and sun on burial mounds. I'm a woman that sees things that others do not and doesn't consider any of it to be supernatural, but rather very much natural. I don't think myself any more special than your average person. I am a woman that, a couple of years ago, came across a deity that changed everything and that has been studying her ever since. I'm also wife to the most amazing man on earth, friend to some great people, keeper of some crazy pets, Chorley-born gobshite and a jack of all trades. This is who I am and it's never going to change. This month has taught me that I could no more cut any of those things out than I could cut off my own arm (well I could, but I'd feel really fucking stupid in the emergency room and every time I tried to tie my shoelaces).

For want of a better word, I feel like some kind of priestess now, I would be lying if I said I didn't feel like a dick just for writing that, but it's true, I do. I have no idea what this will mean, but at the very least, I hope I encourage more people to take up spinning.

Before leaving the tattooist's today, I ended up giving a demonstration of spinning to the tattooists and a lady that wants me to produce something arty for an art show they're having in the local area, I couldn't think of anything more apt.


Anonymous said...

I really must come and read your blog more often. All I can really say to this entry is that I think it sounds like things are going really well for you and that you are well and truly immersed in your path and that it shines out for all to see.

and yeah I feel a dick for typing that last part too so know how you felt with your priestess comment :D however I think you are right.

Birka said...

Thank you, :). Lol if my path doesn't shine out, the tattoo certainly is...seriously red!

Things are going well in this regard,now I just need to get my work life sorted out...

Anonymous said...

Oh thank goodness, a seidr book that isn't Paxson or Fries. I'm looking forward to it.

That tattoo looks like it came out lovely! I don't think priestess is such a bad word in this case, you gotta be that devoted in order to have her depicted permanently on a rather public part of your body.

Kitty said...


I am FINALLY getting to read your blog. Sorry it has taken so long. Well, you know my path is slightly different then yours but I don't think we are too far off a similar point for taking different roads to get there. First, the tattoo, I totally get. I will have to share my story of the winged serpents tattoo at some point and see what your take is. Priestess...I totally get and you totally are:-) Different words in different languages, mean the same thing.