Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Mighty Task

A Mighty Task

I stand before
my blessed Dead
Glowing they come
Yet grow ever dull
Their faces I see
Fade before me
Our Luck is the same
It should be better

A council we hold
All kin together
What shall we do
How *do* we better
My words are heard
The wisdom is seen
Faces of the dead
All focused on me

Work I must do
This world to change
Our Luck to mend
A labour for life
For those that come
And those that were
A mighty task
On Middle-Earth

I wrote this poem, not only because of a dream/vision I had, but because I think it reflects the lot of every mortal on this earth. Families have luck that is passed down from member to member, and as Heathens we need to know what kind of luck we have in our own families and try to change it if necessary in order to give greater to those that come and honour those that were. This is indeed a mighty task.

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