Friday, February 17, 2012


In light of the recent attacks on women's reproductive freedom this week, I feel like it's time that I need to draw my line/s in the sand.

I am pro-Choice. This doesn't mean I want abortions or delight in dead babies. I couldn't even abort one of my own. Maybe in the case of massive abnormality that would impede survival and quality of life, but other than that, no. I personally couldn't. I believe in choices and options. I believe in giving people the information and pill to help stop abortions. I believe in giving people safe abortions should they be required.

For me, elective abortions are acceptable up until the point when the fetus can survive outside the woman's body. After that, I can only really get behind abortions that come from medical necessity, or when a couple receives the awful information that their child will have a deformity that will not make it possible for that child to live or enjoy life; I do not include Down's or other manageable issues in this. I used to work with Down's, autism and Angelman's people. I know that there are ways to educate, raise, and give these individuals a good quality of life. I'm talking about issues in which those disabilities will cause $1 million babies, because they need so much support, have a poor quality of life, and will probably die before making their first decade.

If a person believes that abortion and birth control are wrong, they should avoid it themselves. It is not their place to tell others, or force their morals upon others. From the doctrine of free will, I kind of get the impression that their god wouldn't appreciate it anyway.The abortion debate is much bigger than all of this.

When I get pregnant (hopefully), I would like to be able to do what I believe is best for my baby. I would like to be able to choose the birth plan that would provide the best entrance into this world for that baby. Should anything go wrong, I would like to know that a doctor would remember his Hippocratic oath and not let me die as some kind of martyr for something that would die anyway.

I have a right to life too.

Having breasts and a vagina doesn't mean that I sacrifice this by default.

I don't like, nor want to see abortion. Like I said, my heart doesn't delight in this. However while I don't like abortion, I wouldn't want it removed from the table of options that women have; the same goes for birth control. Were that to occur, we might as well be looking at Communist Romania, and the effects of Ceausescu's breeding program.

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