Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jinx Houses

When I was growing up, I grew up with the concept of something called the 'jinx house'. Certain houses in my local area were known to be unlucky for people to live there. Bad things would happen to everyone that lived in those buildings and strangely enough, they seemed to always follow a theme. The house next door to my parent's house was one such house and people would quite literally stop taking care of themselves and destroy themselves unless someone stepped in. Another house in the locality is known for everyone who lives there getting into either messed up love affairs that mess them up or losing their relationships. Divorce after divorce after divorce.

As a child growing up with quite an acute awareness of the seen and the unseen worlds, this presented quite a unique set of challenges for my parents. I would see people in my room at night all the time and would scream the house down. I hated everything about those things, I hated the way the room would look different and then the cold that would sweep in and then the glimpses of things starting to appear (if I hadn't already ran out by then). Even worse was when something would just be there when I turned round. Things got so bad that I couldn't sleep without the dog in the room because I was just too scared. As I've previously mentioned, my father's family background has a strong spiritualist vein and he would try to explain things to me, tell me not to be afraid, that nothing could hurt me and that nothing bad could stay in our house because of all the love that our family had.

And it's true. I'm not trying to paint a picture of some kind of halcyon childhood but my parents did their utmost to do their best for me. They still do and I love them dearly. We still had a lot of ups and downs during my childhood, well that's just life, isn't it? But our family was very loving and our house was a very loving and happy environment. It's still the kind of house where you walk in and you're instantly comfortable, feeling safe and welcome.

When I was younger, I thought my dad's explanation about love being the key to keeping out horrible things was simplistic and 'fluffy', but during my time moving around and now, living in Army accommodation, I've found he was absolutely right.I live in a place of soul-less buildings, where transitory people, some with very little love in their lives, some with extreme psychological and emotional disturbances, some with horrible circumstances and some with all of the above live. Sometimes it feels as though the walls may as well be made from tears and anger.

Needless to say I have to work hard to keep our apartment cocooned from this. A lot of the things I do now are ingrained into my house cleaning routine and practices and done as a matter of course. My husband and I also have a very strong relationship but I think these buildings will be spoiled for years. I think if we were to live here for the next 50 years, it would still feel the same as now.

Naturally these places attract wights that aren't so nice and unfortunately they stick because there's nothing to prevent them from sticking. This seems to be worse in the barracks where the single soldiers live. These buildings are 'jinx houses', all of them. If you add someone in there with any level of sensitivity or openness to things beyond the mundane world, things really get crazy.

One of my husband's friends is going through this at the moment and it looks like we'll be going round to take a look and clear whatever it is.

I've cleared a few houses in my time and advised on plenty more, it's something people seem to come to me for and have done for years. Each case is different, with different origins, different factors, different behaviours and different 'cures'. I've come across everything from the terrifying to the tragic, to the almost comical in a really unintended way.

When a clearing has been successful, it's a wonderful feeling. The air feels so light, like you can breath again and it's like this 'lifting' that happens and continues to happen as the effects of the nastiness wear off over the course of a few days and peace is restored.

Unfortunately, because of the way these buildings are, if I were to get rid of the wights(using the word in the 'being with movement' sense) that are scaring him, the chances are that the best outcome I could hope for in this case would be a sense of emptiness.

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AuĂ° said...

I remember living in the Marine Corps single barracks - and it was really bad - you could sense the loneliness, depression, apathy and desperation in every single room. By that time, I was starting to be accommodated to both military and single life - but it seems that my mind slowly unraveled while I lived there.
I was sharing a room with a complete stranger, and sharing a connected bathroom with another room (with 2 other strangers).
My workplace wasn't that great, either. We had one person who absolutely REFUSED to sleep in a certain bunk in the bunk room. Why? He didn't know...he just didn't like the feeling when he was in there. He wouldn't go in alone, because it felt like there was someone watching him in there. I couldn't feel anything, but being a transplanted country girl, I grew up superstitious, and avoided the room altogether.
Still, my mind started to unravel slowly - that's when I had my BPD "flare", and started to get paranoid that the military was trying to drug me and brainwash me. I got pregnant, and miscarried at 5 weeks. My hormones did the funky chicken, making things worse. I had issues with BPD, depression, and anxiety long after we moved away from North Carolina.
I slowly got better, finally getting help about 2 1/2 years ago. We've lived in the same apartment for a few years, and have had a minimum of problems...it just feels ~empty~, which, I wager, is much better than the awful time that I had in the USMC.
I have always felt certain that ~something~ where I lived influenced my moods and actions...then again, I sometimes just chalk it up to a personality conflict - the USMC and I just seem to bring out the worst in each other. :D